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    How to Download and Change Themes for GBWhatsApp

    Are you bored having the same themes for GBWhatsApp? Well, you don’t need to feel that way anymore. In this article, we will show you how you can change the theme and give your GBWhatsApp a nice and fresh look. After reading this, you will realize how simple it is to change the appearance of your favourite messaging app.

    Themes for GBWhatsApp

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    One of the main reasons why users switched to GBWhatsApp is that you have the capability to change its theme. Whether you like a feminine theme or a masculine one, you will always have choices. GBWhatsApp has multiple themes which you can apply in just one click.

    In addition to that, you also have the chance to customize the GBWhatsApp appearance according to your preference. Furthermore, there is an option to reset your theme to its default whenever you want.

    So, does that make you excited? What are you waiting for? Let’s get to the tutorial.

    Download and Change Themes for GBWhatsApp

    GBWhatsApp has an option for you to download themes that are made by its users. First and foremost, you need to download the gbwhatsapp apk and create your account to use the program. Then, follow the steps below to change your theme.

    Step 1. Launch your GBWhatsApp on your mobile phone.

    Step 2. On the upper right corner of GBWhatsApp, there are three vertical dots. Go ahead and click that.

    GBWhatsApp Settings

    Step 3. From the options appeared, click GB Settings.

    GB Settings

    Step 4. You can see the option for the theme. Tap “Download Themes.” It will display the themes that are available.

    GB Download Themes

    Step 5. Choose the theme that you decided to get.

    Step 6. Click the “Apply” button located on the right side of the theme.

    Apply theme

    Step 7. To apply the theme, you need to restart the application.

    Restart App

    Step 8. Once the app restarted, you will see how the theme has been changed.

    Note: You can always change your theme according to your preference. In case you do not like what you’ve got, just repeat the process until you found what you are looking for.

    That’s how you can easily download and change themes for GBWhatsApp.

    Other Options

    There are themes for GBWhatsApp available on the internet. These themes sometimes come as a collection from other users and are not included on GBWhatsApp library. From there, you can download the themes and apply on GBWhatsApp by following these simple steps.

    • Download the theme you chose and preferred and save it on your SD card.
    • Open GB Settings and click the “More” option.
    • Tap the “Load” button.
    • Locate the theme you have downloaded and apply on GBWhatsApp.
    • Customize your windows and GBWhatsApp screen to give it a more beautiful look.

    Reset to Default Theme

    There are times that having a customized theme makes GBWhatsApp crashed or have issues. If you feel like using the default theme is more comfortable, you can always reset it. To do that:

    Reset to default theme
    1. Go back to GB Settings.
    2. Then, click “More.”
    3. Afterwards, you need to click “Clear.”
    4. Finally, restart your phone to enable the change.

    In Conclusion

    Changing themes for GBWhatsApp is one way to make messaging fun and exciting. With lots of themes to choose from, you can find what suits you and your personality. Thanks to GBWhatsApp developers who added this unique feature to the app.

    If you have issues while changing your theme, please leave us a message so we can help you. You can also send us some of your favorite themes that can add to the selections of other readers.